Kittiwake Turned On Her Side

Kittiwake Turned on Her Side! Recently we caught up with Joanna Mikutowicz, Managing Partner ofDiveTech, and asked herto give us an update on the status of the Kittiwake after tropical storm Nate.  Jo, or “Pinky Jo” as her friends call her, became Open Water certified on her 15th birthday in 1997 at Bob Soto’s in Grand Cayman, and she knew she wanted to grow up and become a Scuba Diving Instructor in Grand Cayman.  After becoming a PADI Course Director and Director of Training at Ocean Concepts in Hawaii, she moved to Grand Cayman and joined DiveTech in 2012.  There she advanced to become boat captain, MKVI rebreather diver, SSI Free Diving Instructor, and now Managing Partner.  PP:  Jo, first tell us what tropical storm Nate did to the Kittiwake. JM: The Kittiwake, that was once standing upright in 65 feet of water with the top decks in about 15 feet of water, now leans on her port side. She slid a bit closer to the edge of the reef making the dive about 10 feet deeper with the shallo…

The USS Kittiwake A Cayman Must!

Dving the KittiwakeCayman needs to be on every 
ones bucket list. The silversides love to hang out in the haul of the ship. Divetech. On January 5th 2011, the Kittiwake (an ex USA Navy Vessel) was brought to the Cayman Islands and sunk to make an artificial reef off Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach. In her day, the Kittiwake was a submarine rescue vessel.

Her primary role was to assist submarines by:
- Assisting them on trials
- Rescuing them when they were stuck, broken, or trapped

You can snorkel the wreck! It is 251 feet long and lots to see from above.  You'll see the main decks and topography, take a look down the smoke stacks and see to the bottom of the ships hull and engine rooms. Then head off to beautiful Cheeseburger Reef to gaze upon the exquisite coral, along with the abundant tropical fish which may include angel fish, and many more.

Passengers Pick Top 5 Burgers Grand Cayman

Top Burger Favorites 2017

Burgers have come along way it is more than a beef patty, a slice of onion with some cheese. The Culinary Capital of the Caribbean takes their burgers seriously! Always coming up with new creations to tantalize your taste buds. Chef John from Fidel Murphy's  adding some flare with Spanish chorizo onion jam, Brie, chimichurri. Lobster pot adding fresh lobster layered between prime Angus beef. The Aussie burger with its own Australian flair. Czech Inn Grill has an amazing jerk burger with some brie. Lets not forget the Kitchen Sink made with everything.... from Sunshine Grill. Check out the 2017 Passenger Picks Best Burgers on the island!

Passengers have spoken!  One of the Top 5 Burger choices in Cayman is the Lobster /Angus beef burger! The Lobster Pot only makes this award wining burger on Fridays.This creation is amazing. Hamburger meat, lobster, sauteed onions, melted cheese, bacon, and jalapeno peppers an incredible co…

February's Cayman Foodie Favorites

Plane Favorites
Tukka Sunday Brunch

Each week I listen to many passengers share their favorite entree's of the island. February's Plane Favorites  are the following. My passengers love to keep me updated.
Agua Restaurant and Lounge Agua on Seven Mile Beach it noted for having some of the best seafood on island. Tuna Tartare Avocado Brunoise, Sweet & Sour Sauce, White Truffle Oil and Red Caviar creates the most amazing on the island. Many do not leave island with out this island favorite.

Lobster PotOne of the most famous plane favorites is Lobster Pot's Mango Lobster salad dressed with cherry tomatoes, avocado,baby greens and dill vinaigrette. The plate is perfection the taste divine.

    The Bistro A favorite of this french restaurant (who is a Taste of Cayman Winner is their Steak Taretar which has it's hand chopped tenderloin, shallot, cornichons. egg yolk, pommes gaufrette. If you love french cuisine order this before you main meal or have for a lite lunch.

The following restaurants and business's want to say
Thank You with a 10% Discount!

Just Download the Passenger Picks Fun Fact Sheet Fun Fact Sheet they will take 10% off your bill. Note: Not applicable with existing restaurant specials or Sunday brunches.

Restaurants: Agua, Bombay Chopsticks, Casa 43, Catch, Chicken Chicken, Cimboco, Edoardos, Guy Harvey's, Karoo, Le Vele, Lobster Pot, Luca, Osetra Bay, Pappagallo, Rackams, Ragazzi, Southbeach Bar and Grill, The Bistro, Tiki Beach, Vivo.

Spirits Discounted: Premier Wines & Spirits (not beer), Cayman Spirits Company (Seven Fathoms Rum) Factory including tours of distillery

Stingray City Excursions: Action Sports( Jet Ski), Captin Marvin's, Cayman in a Nut Shell, Tours Cayman

Fishing Charters: Real Esea, Captain Marvins

Dive Operators: Dive Tech, Fosters, Eden Rock, Cayman Marine Lab

Rental Cars: Ace will give 10% off on all rental cars, Budget Rent A Car will give 10% off new reservations

Boat Rentals: Moore Marine (Cayman I…

Bio Bay A Plane Favorite!

Cayman  Kayak
If you have never encountered the famous Bio Bay in Grand Cayman do not miss this opportunity! In the past the best way to reach Bio Bay was via Kayak. Now everyone can enjoy bioluminescence experience. This tour is a Cayman Must! Leaving from Rum Point, the bioluminescence tours of Grand Cayman are something you’ll never forget. Tom and his wife Lisha are passionate about conservation and runs the only tour on an electric catamaran. Gas and diesel are killing the bioluminescence but the electric boat keeps the tourist footprint to a minimum.

 Cayman Kayaks is Cayman's first Bioluminescent tour operator and the only company to offer electric boat tours. They have a brand new customized electric powered catamaran will take you silently and leisurely through the Bioluminescent Bay. Once inside the Bay guests will sit down in the observation deck to personally interact with the Bioluminescence. This is not a glass bottom boat, there are holes in the middle of the boat…

Best Cayman Family Friendly Restaurant Deals

Best Cayman Family Friendly Restaurant Deals

Guy Harvey's Island Grill
Every Saturday and Sunday for the last 5 years all folks can order one entree and get the second same entree for  One Dollar! There is no better deal on the island than this. Chef Bruno serves up the freshest fish which he personally marks at the fish market early every morning! No second day fish for him. If he does not receive his marked fish he sends it back! Way to go Chef Bruno.

Sunshine Grill

You can not beat Sunshine Grill and Sunshine Suites for family friendly pricing! The Grill has the best fish taco's and burgers on the island! The "Pain Killer" their famous rum signature drink is amazing! The Westin is the new owners of Sunshine Suites and their guests can now walk across the street and enjoy the Westin's amazing property and pool! That's family friendly!

Passenger's know where to find the best deals on Island and Cimboco's Five Items for Five Buck Deal is a …