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February's Cayman Foodie Favorites

Plane Favorites

Tukka Sunday Brunch

Each week I listen to many passengers share their favorite entree's of the island. February's Plane Favorites  are the following. My passengers love to keep me updated.

Agua Restaurant and Lounge

Agua on Seven Mile Beach it noted for having some of the best seafood on island. Tuna Tartare Avocado Brunoise, Sweet & Sour Sauce, White Truffle Oil and Red Caviar creates the most amazing on the island. Many do not leave island with out this island favorite.

Lobster Pot

One of the most famous plane favorites is Lobster Pot's Mango Lobster salad dressed with cherry tomatoes, avocado,baby greens and dill vinaigrette. The plate is perfection the taste divine.

    The Bistro

A favorite of this french restaurant (who is a Taste of Cayman Winner is their Steak Taretar which has it's hand chopped tenderloin, shallot, cornichons. egg yolk, pommes gaufrette. If you love french cuisine order this before you main meal or have for a lite lunch.


Thursday, December 8, 2016

The following restaurants and business's want to say
Thank You with a 10% Discount!

Just Download the Passenger Picks Fun Fact Sheet Fun Fact Sheet they will take 10% off your bill. Note: Not applicable with existing restaurant specials or Sunday brunches.

Restaurants: Agua, Bombay Chopsticks, Casa 43, Catch, Chicken Chicken, Cimboco, Edoardos, Guy Harvey's, Karoo, Le Vele, Lobster Pot, Luca, Osetra Bay, Pappagallo, Rackams, Ragazzi, Southbeach Bar and Grill, The Bistro, Tiki Beach, Vivo.

Spirits Discounted: Premier Wines & Spirits (not beer), Cayman Spirits Company (Seven Fathoms Rum) Factory including tours of distillery

Stingray City Excursions: Action Sports( Jet Ski), Captin Marvin's, Cayman in a Nut Shell, Tours Cayman

Fishing Charters: Real Esea, Captain Marvins

Dive Operators: Dive Tech, Fosters, Eden Rock, Cayman Marine Lab

Rental Cars: Ace will give 10% off on all rental cars, Budget Rent A Car will give 10% off new reservations

Boat Rentals: Moore Marine (Cayman Islands Boat Rentals)

Stores: Bedside Manor

Pirate Ship Cruise: Jolly Roger

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bio Bay A Plane Favorite!

Cayman  Kayak

If you have never encountered the famous Bio Bay in Grand Cayman do not miss this opportunity! In the past the best way to reach Bio Bay was via Kayak. Now everyone can enjoy bioluminescence experience. This tour is a Cayman Must! Leaving from Rum Point, the bioluminescence tours of Grand Cayman are something you’ll never forget. Tom and his wife Lisha are passionate about conservation and runs the only tour on an electric catamaran. Gas and diesel are killing the bioluminescence but the electric boat keeps the tourist footprint to a minimum.

 Cayman Kayaks is Cayman's first Bioluminescent tour operator and the only company to offer electric boat tours. They have a brand new customized electric powered catamaran will take you silently and leisurely through the Bioluminescent Bay. Once inside the Bay guests will sit down in the observation deck to personally interact with the Bioluminescence. This is not a glass bottom boat, there are holes in the middle of the boat so once we get to the bay we take off the covers and you will be able to dangle your feet and legs in the glowing water. Cayman Kayaks is proud to serve their Environmentally conscious guests by helping them explore this phenomenon fuel free. These night tours run on the darkest nights of the month to allow the best quality tour.

 Many of my passengers love this experience for their options were limited on how to get to the bay. Now the old and very young and many families can experience Bio Bay together. It is so much fun to see your hands glow and even make a glow angel if your lucky!
Tom and his crew know exactly where to take you  and you will enjoy their knowledge of the bay. It is a wonderful way to enjoy a relaxing evening at Rum Point.

Don't forget if you want some action and some great exercise Kayak to the Bay! Fun to watch the paddles glow once you get there. This truly is the most amazing natural phenomena of the world! Once inside the bay, watch how every stroke of your paddle leaves behind a glowing swirl of blue light. Learn how this fragile and unique ecosystem maintains a perfect balance of life, and what you can do to protect such a special place. The adventure with Cayman Kayaks can only be described as magical, creating memories that will last a lifetime! These night tours run on the darkest nights of the month to allow the best quality tour. Give them a call 345-926-4467 www.caymankayaks.com
  September-November tours are at 7:15pm -

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Best Cayman Family Friendly Restaurant Deals

Best Cayman Family Friendly Restaurant Deals

Guy Harvey's Island Grill

Every Saturday and Sunday for the last 5 years all folks can order one entree and get the second same entree for  One Dollar! There is no better deal on the island than this. Chef Bruno serves up the freshest fish which he personally marks at the fish market early every morning! No second day fish for him. If he does not receive his marked fish he sends it back! Way to go Chef Bruno.

Sunshine Grill

You can not beat Sunshine Grill and Sunshine Suites for family friendly pricing! The Grill has the best fish taco's and burgers on the island! The "Pain Killer" their famous rum signature drink is amazing! The Westin is the new owners of Sunshine Suites and their guests can now walk across the street and enjoy the Westin's amazing property and pool! That's family friendly!


Passenger's know where to find the best deals on Island and Cimboco's Five Items for Five Buck Deal is a must! They make everything from scratch. Their fresh baked bread is amazing and the hash browns are the best on the island. This deal is mid week only but it will save families alot of money. 

Eagle Rays Bar & Grill

This East End Bar and Grill can save you lots of bucks. Look for the yellow submarine at Ocean Frontier and pull in. Best Lion Fish Tacos on island! Chef Ron reflects all US pricing on his bar and grill menu. You can also save with his hearty breakfast too. They have great burgers and many favorites that the family can share. His sister restaurant Tukka has a great menu selection also. Families enjoy the frigate feeding at Tukka as well. Check this little boy out!

Peppers Bar and Grill

Pepper Bar and Grill opposite of the Comfort Suites, has the best ribs on the island! They serve of some of the best local Caribbean food with family friendly pricing. The atmosphere very relaxed and casual. The perfect restaurant for families to just chill, not worrying about getting dressed up!

Chicken Chicken

Families can not beat Chicken Chicken for family friendly pricing! The chicken melts in your mouth not too spicy for the little ones. They start the rotisserie racks up daily, early in the morning. Food always fresh and can be ordered to take out for the beach.

Coconut Joe's

Coconut Joe's has amazing prices for breakfast and some some of the best tasty Taco on island! Taco Thursdays is a favorite. This is right opposite of the Marriott. Come causal and save money! They also have a great happy hour!

Gino's Pizzeria

This pizza heaven has deals every day of the week! Located right opposite of the Caribbean Club! You can always check their Face book page out to see their deals! This pizza is Brooklyn Style flat amazing. They deliver free or you can eat under the umbrellas.


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Plane New Favorites on Activity Scene 2016

What's New In the Cayman Activity Scene

If You can stand straight up on two feet, you can flyboard! SWS Cayman takes pride in delivering simple, yet effective lessons that will have you hovering above the water in minutes . They are extremely flexible and can operate off of almost any beach front location Give them a  call at 345-936-0669 www.swscayman.com

Many folks are thrilled the "Jolly Roger" has set sail again! There is nothing like experiencing a Cayman sunset on a Pirate ship! A Cayman Favorite is the Jolly Roger Sunset Cruise. Passengers feel this is one of the best sunset cruises on island! The Pirate ship is comfortable, fun and has a smooth sail. Right now she sails Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for a cocktail cruise. The Jolly Roger is a two-thirds replica of Christopher Columbus’ 15th century Galleon Nina, which crossed the Atlantic on three occasions. The Jolly Roger was privately commissioned and built in 1986 in St. Petersburg, Florida, and christened the Lady Barbara. The original owner had such strong feelings for his wife that he had the ship’s figurehead sculpted in her likeness. To this day, Lady Barbara still graces the bow of the Jolly Roger. Then to the current owner, who is passionate about sailing and Pirates, restoring her to her full glory and keeping the dream and imagination of Pirates and chasing the sun alive. Phone 345-922-9922 info@jollyrogercayman 

Many folks who are on the Island for only 4 days love to take this all inclusive  tour of the island for it truly gives you "Cayman in a Nutshell" This little tour is packed with everything!Cayman in a Nutshell is a tour that takes you to the highlights of the tourism experience on Grand Cayman. You will take a boat ride out to see the stingrays and go for a snorkel; a bus ride to Hell and back; photo ops at the Old
Homestead (a true Cayman-style house and white sand yard) and at Seven Mile Beach; and a 45-minute stop at the Turtle Farm where you will see four species of sea turtle, from hatchlings to full-grown breeding adults, and learn some of the natural history of these incredible animals. To top it off, you will stop at a beautiful and quiet section of Seven Mile Beach for a Cayman-style lunch, which will include fish or chicken, rice, potato salad, mixed vegetables, and a soft drink and all this is included in the price of US$99/person!
After the tour, you will return to our capital, George Town, where you will be able to shop, visit one of the many rum cake stores, or wander through the historic Heroes Square area
where you will see the Legislative Assembly, original Town Hall, Town Clock, Courts Building, and Library. Or take the new ferry ride over to the far side and take a custom motor tour coming back they will custom make your experience so you have many options out of Camana Bay call 325-7777 and reserve your space. Special Offer!! Save $10 Per Adult when you mention this offer! (regular price is US$99/person for ages 12 and over; US$79.00/person for ages 4-11; children under age 4 go free and you provide their lunch). The tour lasts approximately 5.5 hours, and has an 8:15 AM departure, returning at 1:45 PM. (345) 526-8687 info@caymaninanutshell.com  www.caymaninanutshell.com  

Cayman Kayaks Offer an Electric Boat to Bio Bay!

Now you have a choice Kayak or Electric boat! To see the famous Bio Bay. Many have enjoyed this amazing boat. Now the very young and entire families can see the bay together.

 Folks love to see the sparkles slip through their fingers and toes and watch electric hues of blue and green left behind from their paddles. Do you want to help preserve this natural phenomenon? Choose the electric catamaran or kayak as combustion engines kill the microorganisms. Many passengers have not been able to experience bio bay because they were too little or did not have the capacity to Kayak out to the bay! This electric boat is amazing quite and allows entire families to experience the bay.
  Kayak and boat tours depart from the public access at Rum Point Beach Club. Transportation can be arranged. Ages 13+ USD $59; Ages 6-12 USD $49. Location: Rum Point Beach Club. Dates & Times online or Contact them reservations@caymankayaks.com (345) 926-4467.
Check out Cayman Kayaks, a recent Passenger Pick of the Month.

Cayman Crystal Caves is amazing. Many feel the early pirates hid their treasure in these caves. Situated in a lush tropical forest in Northside, Grand Cayman, Cayman Crystal Caves is the island’s newest nature tourist attraction .All visitors receive guided walking tours. Tours are approximately 1 ½ hours and take you through the surrounding tropical forest area and 3 caves spectacular caves.
When you visit Cayman Crystal Caves, you will be escorted with a knowledgeable Tour Guide, and you will join us on an adventure exploration of “Cayman Down Under”. You will venture into amazing caves where you’ll see stalactite and stalagmite crystal structures and otherworldly formations, formed by single drops of water and the slow passage of time. Tour through the unique tropical forest nature, under which the caves formed. Amongst the forest and caves is captivating tropical plant and animal life, including strangler balsam trees, air plants, parrots, and bats
Phone  345-925-925-3001 info@caymancrystalcaves.com

There is a wonderful buzz about "The White House", Cayman's newest one day "staycation" destination. Imagine going back in time and stepping into an ocean front mansion right out of the Great Gatsby. The marble interior, and elegance of a palace is a unique venue to be found only here. The pristine ocean front beach has plenty of seating and a gorgeous pool. Then have a fabulous lunch on a spectacular deck with one of the best panoramic views on the island. Many folks on their way to the East End, take a lunch break at The White House in Bodden Town. This is obviously a spectacularly beautiful venue for a wedding. They offer on-site professional wedding planning & coordination services; resort style food and beverage services; complete selection of services, including accommodation reservations; transportation, tours and excursions, concierge services. The White House, Grand Cayman provides a fresh and unique option for those wishing to celebrate their special occasion in an environment that blends Great Gatsby with Colonial West Indies!

Eco Rides Cayman has proven to be a passenger favorite for our East End guests. If you like to bike, get great exercise, and enjoy Cayman in a natural and slowing pace, these folks are perfect. This team is all local and will be able to share with you some of the great history of the island and answer many of your questions. They have three rides to choose from: Cayman Sunrise, Cayman Sea Breeze, and Cayman Island Escape. 1. Cayman Sunrise - 8:00 AM (Tuesday, Thursday Saturday) US $60.00. 2. Cayman Sea Breeze - 2:00 PM (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) US $65.00. 3. Cayman Inland Escape - 7:30 AM (Wednesday & Sunday) US $75.00. All tours start/finish at the Wyndham Reef Resort in East End. All tours include helmet, water, and snack bar. Feel the Cayman breeze in your face and enjoy all the East End has to offer. For booking contact us by email at ecoridescayman@yahoo.com or tours@ecoridescayman.ky or by phone (345) 939-0902 or (345) 922-0754.

Private Stingray city tours are trending! Many families want to see the Rays at their own pace avoiding the crowds. Checkout the Charters service that will serve you on my website www.passengerpicks.com

Relax and Sail with a Local Lunch! Private charters are a trend on the island! Sail with Paradise Sailing and Snorkeling in the morning and feed the stingray's as they sail from Camana Bay to the world famous Stingray City Sandbar where you will have a chance to swim and feed the gentle southern stingrays. Next they stop at Starfish Point where you can walk the beach, view the starfish, swim in the warm water. After Starfish Point, they go to the reef for Snorkeling. They depart Monday thru Saturday from Camana Bay at 9:30 am, arriving back around 2:30 p.m. US$99 per Adult, US$49 per Child (under 12), Kids under 2 are free. What they include is: a Welcome Aboard Rum Punch, Cash Bar, Snorkel Masks (no fins at Sandbar), Photographer (sold separately), either a Caymanian Style Steamed Fish Lunch or a Italian Pasta with homemade vegetarian sauce. What you need to bring is: Sunscreen (Cream Only), Snorkel gear provided, but welcome to bring personal sets, Personal preference of snacks or food, Swimwear, 2 Towels & Hats, Sense of adventure and fun. Their sailboat leaves from the Camana Bay Bock. For more information call Cayman at (345) 936-7245 or US at (318) 936-7245. Or book on line at their website above.

Their most popular tour is the Wave Runner Stingray City Tour. On their brand new Sea Doo 1500cc three seater jet skis is the most unique way to get to Stingray City while exploring the beautiful Cayman shoreline and eco system with its crystal clear waters. The tour starts from their home base at the beautiful Grand Caymanian Hotel located just, 15 minutes drive from the cruise terminal. This is the perfect location because if you don't wish to take your kids on this approximately 2 hour excursion, they can stay by the hotel with all the necessary amenities. Don't be concerned if you have never ridden such a water craft. Action Watersports professionals will give you the 101 on how the craft works and how to best maximize your fun while remaining safe on the water craft. Action Watersports offers the Jet Skis as 1, 2 and 3 person rentals. The ride from the hotel to Stingray City can take anywhere from 10 - 20 minutes. The first stop on the tour is Sting ray city itself where you can interact with these friendly creatures in just three feet of water. After about 30 minutes or so the tour heads on to beautiful Rum Point where you can enjoy fun in the sun on these immaculate beaches with crystal clear knee deep water around. Pictures from some of our tour clientele speak for themselves. Make your reservations early to be guaranteed a ski.

Paddle Boarding Trending in Grand Cayman many fine companies offer lessons and instructions Cayman Standup Paddle Board, and Vitamin Sea provides lessons.Action Watersports, Blue Wave/Waterman rents equipment and White Sand Water Sports on East End. 
Looking for lessons? Cayman Stand Up Paddle Company and Vitamin Sea at the Seafire Kimpton offers introductory lessons Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) rentals, kids camps and excursions. They both offer BioLuminescence Tours (check for availability), Full Moon paddles once a month on Seven Mile Beach and No Moon Paddles anytime using their new board lighting systems. So if you want to get out paddle boarding in the Cayman Islands...get in touch with them! Looking for something new in your workout routine? Why not take your workout out onto the water? SUP fitness can help improve your general fitness build upper and lower body strength tone up and strengthen your core all while enjoying the outdoors! A typical SUP fitness session incorporates lots of paddling with proper technique but also traditional body weight exercises like plank spush-ups squats and lunges and combined with the instability of the board and the challenge of resistance tubing you will work your stability and balance like you've never experienced!

Red Sail the (Only Dinner Sail on the Island) now has a Chef on board!

One of the most beautiful Grand Cayman sights is the stunning sunset in the western sky. Red Sail Sports has an Amazing Dinner Cruise and a huge variety of activities to choose from, but listening to the wind in the crisp sails, the water lapping against the bow, while dining under a thousand stars makes this dinner sunset sail a favorite and memorable activity. They have four 65’ luxury catamarans, the Spirit of Calypso can accommodate up to 70 passengers but for this special evening they limit the number to just 32 passengers to allow for a more intimate experience. Tables and chairs are set up on the catamaran with linens and the sunset and stars are your backdrop for the evening. They board at the Westin and then pick up guests from further down the beach at the Grand Cayman Beach Suites. After the sun has set, the Captain anchors the boat and the crew sets about serving the meals.
 When booking your trip you’ll be asked your meal choice. A new addition is Chef John from Fidel Murphy's who actually cooks/grills your meal on board the sail ship. He is flat amazing and watching him grill and serve up your meal is quite the experience. His mango fish taco's are the best on island! He freshly makes a local sticky toffee pudding to end your dining experience! After dinner guests can relax on the bow nets of the catamaran and look up at the stars as they head back towards the shore. The dinner cruise departs at 5:30pm and returns to shore at 8:45pm. (345) 623-5965 or (877) 506-6368        Check out Red Sail Sports, a recent Passenger Pick of the Month.

Dive Tech Two Wonderful Locations!

Sea Pool at Light House Point Dive Resort. This is an amazing way to learn how to dive and then channel right into the sea. Divetech at Lighthouse Point Dive Resort’s has a new sea pool which provides 
snorkelers and scuba divers another access point to the beautiful shallow reefs, Guardian of the Reef (17’ tall bronze statue) and for the advanced scuba divers the deep shear walls with swim throughs, pinnacles and canyons to explore. Lighthouse Point Dive Resort also has a new restaurant on-site called Vivo, already one of the best health food retaurants on the island! Passengers love to watch the diver's come in and relax with an amazing ocean view. Light House Point a great property to learn how to dive and take all levels of dive instruction. The reef out side the pool area has a lush active and healthy sea life. If you look real close you can find many sea horses just hanging out!
Note Divetech has a second location the Holiday Inn Resort where they give dive lessons and has a dive shop right on property to serve and book your daily dives. Read more of their details

Crystal Sea Charters  Tukka Restaurant will Cook Up What You Catch!

The specialty of Crystal Sea Charters is personalized outings. Based out of Kaibo, North Sound and East End, relax and enjoy fishing trips to 12 mile banks for deep sea, reef, drop off or catch lobster and conch. Whatever you catch the chefs at Tukka will cook for free! Stingray City: Get up close and personal with Cayman’s friendliest rays where lifelong memories are made. Starfish Point: Relax in the shallow crystal blue waters with these 5 fingered friends. Snorkeling: Enjoy the vibrant underwater world right at your feet, with basic snorkeling gear provided. They provide bottled water, sodas, light snacks. Bring your own sunscreen, towels and special beverages. Fishing rates: 4 persons max. - $750 us for 5 hours or $1150 us for 8 hours. Rates for everything else: 6 persons max. - $700 us for 5 hours or $1100 us for 8 hours. Enjoy your day on the water with their friendly crew and safe 26’ Century Walk-Around. Free pick up and drop off provided. (345) 926-4415.

Tukka Bringing you to the Far Side The First Sunday of Every Month!

Tukka will now pick you up at Royal Palms for their famous Walkabout Sunday Brunch! Folks who choose not to rent a car will love this new opportunity to sit back and relax. and enjoy East End! The quiet side of the Island!
Passengers will love this wonderful option! They enjoy the famous Brunch and frigate feeding. Tukka has a 28 Seat Bus pickup you up at Royal Palms & Hurley's (11am-11.30am) Arrive Tukka at approximately 12pm Midday. Pickup at 3pm and return to Hurleys & Royal Palms. They make it so easy to enjoy the other side of the island and bring you back to seven mile beach. You can not beat that door to door service. Just relax and enjoy your Sunday. Phone 345-947-2700



Don Fosters are currently offering a two stop Reef and Rays snorkel on Sunday mornings at 10.  This is a great family trip, always sure to please and it’s only $50 (children 12 and under $40).  The late departure time lets people sleep in a bit for a relaxing Sunday. www.donfosters.com 

Captain Marvin's  Can take any size group out to see the Rays. You can also take a private charter out just call them and let them know what size group and what time they will custom make a half day or full day of snorkeling for you. captainmarvins.com

www.whitesandwatersports.com, White Sand Water Sports on the East End offers 6 to 8 pack diving! Check them out for a small group experience!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

What's New in the Cayman Culinary Scene 2016

What's New in the Cayman Culinary Scene

Taste of Cayman Winner "The Bistro" will be new to many of my passengers this year .Amazing French cuisine all fresh farm to table. Find this restaurant right in the middle of Seven Mile Beach opposite of the Famous Caribbean Club. Located in the Caribbean Plaza known for European-style dishes, daily specials and delicious desserts all made with fresh local ingredients. They have a fantastic wine list and cocktail menu as well.  Passenger's favorite is their famous Steak Tartare. A must have before you leave island. The entire chef team at the Bistro is committed to farm to table freshness with a pure french focus.

Another Amazing newbie to the Cayman culinary scene is"Catch" located at Morgan's Harbour. If you love Agua on Seven Mile Beach you will definitely enjoy their sister restaurant right on the water.  They take pride in serving the freshest fish, in fact you can actually watch the boats bring the catch in. If you love seafood and oceanfront dining do not miss this experience Passenger's favorite of the restaurant  tuna sashimi is amazing their number one appetizer!

If you love Mexican cuisine  you will love Chef Loyd's  farm to table Mexican Cantina.  "Casa 43 Mexican Kitchen and Tquilla Bar"This little restaurant is located right next to the famous Cooper Falls.  Their unique menu is full of fresh eats (as in farm-to-table fresh), from their tacos to guacamole! “Farm to Table” is a phrase that is becoming the trend on the island . Chef Lloyd's team takes pride in collaborating with local farmers for over 5 years. Many passengers enjoy the Tequila Bar offering many kinds of Margaritas. Passengers Favorite isthe Mexican Corn roasted and rolled in imported cheese!

Another Amazing new restaurant is "LOLA" at Camana Bay, Passenger love their family friendly pricing.  Lola is now open and Passengers have been raving about this new trendy bistro, fit for foodies. Located on the Paseo in Camana Bay, both locals and tourists are loving this friendly neighborhood gem offering an inventive and creative menu that offers diners an opportunity to experience a modern spin on their favorite dishes. With freshness and flavor at the forefront, this trendy and cozy little bistro is now serving breakfast, lunch & dinner daily! The in-house bakery and pastry shop specializes in artisan breads, designer cakes, sweet and savory treats and gourmet coffees by Illy. A Passenger Favorite Seared filet of Salmon with Seafood Dumplings, Yukon Gold Mashed Potato's, Fresh Medley of Vegetables & Passion fruit emulsion.

For my clean eating friends we have two new  on the island  "Vivo" Located in the northwest coast of Grand Cayman, VIVO is the new vibrant cafe and restaurant from the renowned Chef Gilbert Cavallaro. It’s a new healthy culinary experience at Lighthouse Point. The name VIVO, was born from the experimentation with replacing traditional ingredients with raw, live alternatives, which are the summit of nutrition. The word VIVO comes from the Latin vīvō and means 'to live' or 'to be alive'. Their eco-friendly meat-free menu offers raw, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options. In an attempt to try and limit the invasive population of lionfish in Cayman’s, they are happy to also offer a tasty selection of lionfish dishes. They select our ingredients with the greatest care, to serve you natural, healthy, delicious food, prepared with passion and positive energy. Famous for how they cook lion fish pared with local vegetables.

 My Passengers love "Island Naturals Café", a wonderful vegan and vegetarian eatery designed to meet the needs of today's health conscious vacationers. This café was created from a passion for fresh food, healthy eating and the environment. Their menu aims to please all palates and includes gluten free options. With Island Naturals Café, you can expect seasonal updates of hearty dishes and homemade beverages, including made-to-order smoothies, fresh juices and fruity iced teas. As healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, they offer a wide variety of sustain-ably grown, non-GMO, organic, raw super foods that each have their own quality of abundant nutrients, energy and benefits. These folks are now the top restaurant serving up a healthy/vegan focus menu. This past year they expanded their cafe to double the size so they have a lot more seating. Open now for healthy breakfast 7 days a week from 7am-11am with oatmeal, acai bowls, gluten free muffins, fresh juices, parfaits, breakfast wraps and smoothies. Passenger Favorite their Vegan Bowl

For many of you returning to the East End you may not be aware that Tukka opened a new sister restaurant called "Eagle Rays Bar and Grill"Passengers love this fun filled Bar& Grill with an amazing view of the ocean! This is definitely the new diver hang on East End, located at Compass Point and Ocean Frontiers with a fabulous view of incoming boats. Folks love their lion fish taco's! Family friendly pricing menu's in US pricing yeah! It has a very casual beach bar vibe going, with six shaded outdoor picnic tables, three bar top tables, and numerous bar stools at the bar. If you are a salad lover their mahi-mahi Caesar is fabulous also!

  "Bar Crudo" Just downstairs from Guy Harvey’s Island Grill is the brand new Raw Bar "Crudo". Crudo is Italian for “raw,” and the name is appropriate as a good number of items on the menu are raw, including sushi, ceviche, oysters, caviar and many other delicacies. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of raw, there are ample hot appetizers to choose from as well. You can sit down to a platter of seafood, fish fingers, mozzarella sticks, conch fritters, crab cakes and other mouthwatering entrees. And of course Guy Harvey’s Island Grill is right upstairs! Being right at street level on the water-front, makes it one of the easiest spots to access in down town. There is outdoor seating for Bar Crudo directly across the street on the water. Note Guy Harvey's has a new Stogie and Brandy Bar down stairs as well!
Last but not least "Smuglers Rum Bar" and Minus Below Located in the Flagship building in heart of downtown Georgetown right next to Minus 5 is Smugglers Rum Bar, its sister lounge just outside the freezer doors. Here people gather for an evening of cocktails and rum tastings, surrounded by artifacts and antiquities, in a relaxing atmosphere. Sure, it’s warmer than minus5, but it’s also refreshingly cool, thanks to a combination cooling system that keeps patrons comfortable, as they enjoy the fresh breezes blowing in through the main doors. Smugglers Rum Bar is a rum lover’s dream, with shelf upon shelf of over 100 different rums along the back wall. You can either indulge in a rum cocktail, or try a rum “flight,” where one savors the magical differences between light, golden and dark rums from local and international labels. Although owners Melanie and Craig Ling have other Minus5 properties in Las Vegas, Orlando and New York, this is the first Smugglers Rum Bar they’ve created, along with partner Matthew Wight. “It really fits with the spirit of the Cayman Islands,” says Melanie. “We have put a lot of time into sourcing authentic décor, along with pewter drink ware to give the bar that fun, Caribbean vibe.”

Cayman Food Tours

Best dining - Cayman Food ToursPassengers love the Taste of George Town Tour! Anyone wanting to experience the local culture and fabulous food, this is the foodie tour for you! It is something different to do while you enjoying the island. Have heard great things about Marzeta, the tour guide. She is local and is very knowledgeable, not only about food, but about everything there is to know about Grand Cayman. The walking tour is easy, interesting and very informative. The tour visits 5 Cayman Islands food tasting locations for 10 mouth-watering samplings, enough for a hearty lunch, in the capital and financial centre, George Town. Beyond the diverse eats and sweet treats, fascinating stories will reveal the rich history and architecture as you stroll through the streets of the capital. All food and drink tastings, enough for lunch, are included in the ticket price of US$75. Tastings and stops include: a restaurant at the forefront of local and global movement for sustainable fishing; locally made sweet and spicy jam; cool iced tea inspired by the flora of the Cayman Islands; West Indian street food; award-winning local beer; the world famous baked good that is the Cayman Islands' number one export; and a taste of the Mediterranean with a twist courtesy of the Jamaican Blue Mountains. Served alongside your tastings are the stories about how these establishments started, have grown, and captured the hearts of people in the Cayman Islands for decades. All food tastings are included in the ticket price. Between tastings, you will get an insider's view of modern and historic George Town as you stroll the bustling vibrant streets of one of the world's largest international financial centers. Their enthusiastic, local guides share their knowledge and recommendations of architectural gems, historic churches and community buildings, and exciting local attractions and restaurants. (345) 927-1000

The Flavour Tour - Camana Bay

Best shopping - The Flavour Tour - Camana BayThe restaurants of Camana Bay have joined forces to offer an exciting new dining experience, The Flavour Tour, held every Wednesday from 7-9pm. The evening begins with a glass of sparkling wine at West Indies Wine Company. Diners then embark on a guided adventure featuring seasonal, local ingredients in the signature styles of Abacus, Michael's Genuine Food & Drink, Mizu and Ortanique. At each restaurant diners enjoy small plate courses complemented by featured wine or cocktail pairings before returning to West Indies Wine Company for a taste of one of their 80 vintages. The ingredients are sourced straight from Camana Bay's weekly Farmers & Artisans Market. The cost is $69CI per person, including gratuities. Tickets must be purchased in advance at West Indies Wine Company, located on The Paseo in the heart of Camana Bay. For more information, contact West Indies Wine Company at 345.640.9492 or info@wiwc.ky.Tours can also be customised for private groups of 12-20 people throughout the week, except for Sunday and Friday. To book a private tour, email flavourtour@camanabay.com.

We were sad to say goodbye to Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink (Camana Bay)  which closed for business in August 2015, however, a new family friendly pizza and pasta restaurant, The Brooklyn, opened in its place in late 2015. , Whiskey Mist & Lillie’s, a multi room traditional Irish bar and sophisticated nightclub and Cayman Vapour Company, which is hoping to create a trend on Cayman that has swept America. Royal Palms reopened their Italian restaurant Prima.